head2I am a multilingual information professional, educator, and writer with nearly ten years’ experience facilitating learning, research, and scholarly communication in diverse settings. I presently work in Minnesota as a library technician while completing my Master of Library and Information Science degree (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, expected 2019) with a concentration in information technology. My applied LIS interests center on institutional repositories, scholarly communication, and library publishing. When indulging a theoretical mood, I am interested in the diverse ways that the practice of library science as a discipline, especially alongside digital humanities, impacts the cultural and political discourses of our society, as well as in rediscovering a sense of librarianship as sacred craft using the analytical lenses of Ananda Coomaraswamy and related thinkers. My thoughts on these and other topics are often shared through my roles as a contributing blogger for hls and the LITA Blog, as well as an occasional editor-at-large for dh+lib.

Intro from an Online Course

My membership in the American Theological Library Association reflects many years working as an independent scholar in the field of religious studies, for which I hold a prior master’s degree (Nations University, 2013). My work in this area has appeared in the journals CrossCurrentsImplicit Religion, the American Journal of Biblical Theology, the encyclopedia Women in World Religions, and in various other outlets and conferences. I am also a former intern with Feminism & Religionan occasional contributor to the Religious Studies Project, and, when time permits, an adjunct instructor for community enrichment classes at Cherry Hill Seminary and ad hoc workshop leader and public lecturer. These days, my focus lies in the study of New Religious Movements, with a special emphasis on the ways in which fiction writing and other literary activities function as spiritual disciplines within contemporary movements.

This specialty forms a bridge to both my interest in world languages (I maintain reading proficiencies in German, French, Spanish, and Esperanto, with more limited bibliographical proficiencies in Italian, Romanian, and Russian) and my own background as a writer and editor. I supported myself for a number of years as a freelance translator and academic editor, in addition to holding roles on the editorial staffs of several publications, including the Alaska Quarterly Review and Kannenbright: Concordia University’s Undergraduate Journal of Theological Studies. My original poems, plays, essays, and short stories in six languages have appeared in journals and magazines all over the world.

You can learn more about my work on these pages but, if you are in the Twin Cities area, do let me know. I always have time to grab a cup of coffee with a poète maudit, a samideano, or anyone else who still believes, even in our dangerous times, that a little knowledge can be the beginning of a beautiful thing.