head2My name is Race MoChridhe, and I serve as scholarly communication coordinator for Atla, where I produce open access journals and monographs and aid development of open source publishing tools for Atla Open Press. As part of this role, I also am an active member of the Library Publishing Coalition.

On my own time, I work on issues of linguistic equity, language revitalization, and the role of libraries (for good and ill) in language policy and planning, with a special focus on the continued flourishing of Yiddish in the 21st century.

You can learn more about both my work in libraries and with language as well as my creative writing on these pages, but the best way is to drop me a line either here or on Twitter. I’m always happy to hear from a poète maudit, a samideano, or anyone else who still believes that a little knowledge can be the beginning of a beautiful thing.