head2I am a multilingual information professional, educator, and writer with nearly ten years’ experience facilitating learning, research, and scholarly communication in diverse settings. I presently work in Minnesota as a library assistant and technician while completing my Master of Library and Information Science degree.

Alongside my professional interests in librarianship, I maintain a subject specialty in theology and history of religion, with much of my recent work examining the role of literary production in contemporary spiritualities. I took my master’s degree (Nations University, 2013) in Religious Studies and have since contributed entries to the Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions, written responses for the Religious Studies Project, completed an internship with Feminism & Religion, and published and presented original research in various journals and conferences.

You can learn more about my work as a library professional, teacher, and writer on these pages but, if you are in the Twin Cities area, do let me know. I always have time to grab a cup of coffee with a poète maudit, a samideano, or anyone else who still believes, even in our dangerous times, that a little knowledge can be the beginning of a beautiful thing.