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Editing & Translation

I fell in love with academic editing in graduate school, when I was invited to serve as a guest editor for the debut issue of KannenBright: Concordia University’s Undergraduate Journal of Theological Studies. Since then, I have a maintained a freelance practice helping new writers bring worthy work to print. My clients have included interfaith activists, retired pastors, seminarians, and fellow scholars, who have given me the chance to work with Wipf & Stock, Fortress Press, ADF Books, and other top-tier publishing houses. I have been known to take the odd freelance writing job as well… if your phone sends you biblically-based dating advice, there is a distinct possibility I wrote it.

A poetaster by inclination, I have also served on the staffs of several literary magazines, most notably the Alaska Quarterly Review.

A listing of select projects to which I have contributed may be found here.