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Interfaith Work

Outside the academy, MoChridhe is engaged in a variety of public fora for the promotion of religious literacy—interning for Feminism & Religion, organizing public roundtables on Pagan-Christian relations, speaking to Bible camps about views of Jesus across world religions, and even giving interviews on late night radio about the meaning of the summer solstice. This work is partly motivated by his desire to promote peace and mutual understanding in a world fraught with religious and ideological division, and driven partly by the firm belief that religion lies at the heart of the world’s cultural heritage, and that earnest engagement with religious history, symbolism, and thought across many traditions is an indispensable part of the humanities, and of any well-rounded education.

MoChridhe also maintains a volunteer interest in chaplaincy and other forms of interfaith spiritual care, having been privileged to serve as an interim Spiritual Resource Volunteer to the Minnesota Department of Human Services during 2016.