I currently work as a Library Assistant for Carver County Library in Minnesota while completing my Master of Library and Information Science degree through the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s online program, with a formal concentration in information technology. I previously staffed diverse support roles for school library and media staff as a substitute teacher, in addition to working other jobs involving skills in collections management and research support, as well as volunteer work in digital archives (see my résumé).

My LIS research interests include the role of library services in the preservation of minority languages and the application of techniques and perspectives from digital humanities to 21st century librarianship (particularly in conjunction with Rachel Ivy Clarke’s ideas on librarianship as a design discipline) to promote libraries’ critical engagement with the broader society and (alongside open access initiatives and library publishing) to break down barriers to scholarly communication in and with the developing world.

My other academic engagement is with theology, in which I already hold a master’s degree (Nations University, 2013), and my dream is to bring the two together and, one day, enter the promised land of theological librarianship.