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I received my Master of Religious Studies degree from Nations University in 2013, writing my thesis on interfaith perspectives in the Book of Exodus. As an independent scholar, my work is situated in the study of New Religious Movements and focuses on what Sarah Morrigan has called the Oxford Goddess Revival (OGR). I am the creator and chief archivist of the Oxford Goddess Revival Archive, as well as the editor of the only critical edition of the movement’s scriptures. Both within and beyond work on the OGR, my research touches on Pagan Studies (with a particular emphasis on invented religions and the rôle of fictional narratives in contemporary alternative spiritualities) and Women’s Studies (most particularly late 20th and early 21st century lesbian spirituality in Britain). My publications and conference presentations can be found here.

Outside the academy I am engaged in a variety of public fora for the promotion of religious literacy, which I believe to be a vital and often overlooked skill for navigating both the ethical demands and the policy challenges of contemporary global citizenship. I have organized public roundtables, given presentations on topics ranging from the history of Tarot to cross-cultural perspectives on the Otherworld, spoken to Bible camps about views of Jesus across world religions, and even been interviewed on late night radio about the meaning of the summer solstice.

Other projects include freelance academic editing, interning for Feminism & Religion, serving as a respondent to the Religious Studies Project, and offering an occasional adjunct course for Cherry Hill Seminary.