No linguist with a soul can long keep the academic love of words separate from the literary love of them (just ask Tolkien). Over the years, my own œuvre (which I would not dare compare with Tolkien’s) has expanded to include original published works in six languages and multiple genres, as well as translations from French, German, and English.

Having been blessed by the kindness of many editors, I look for ways to pay their favor forward when I can. In college, I worked on the staff of the Alaska Quarterly Review. I later helped co-found and edit poetry for P.Q. Leer, guest edited an issue of Subliminal Interiors, headed up the copy editing department of Oak Leaves, and contributed in a variety of fashions to many other publications. I now take a keen interest in supporting student journals, community programming, and all other manner of literary and journalistic venues for aspiring writers.

Because the academic and the literary are never far separated for me, I also served as a guest editor for the debut issue of KannenBright: Concordia University’s Undergraduate Journal of Theological Studies in 2010 and have, since then, maintained a freelance practice as an academic editor, with clients including interfaith activists, retired pastors, seminarians, and fellow scholars who have given me the chance to work with Wipf & Stock, Fortress Press, and other top-tier publishing houses. I have been known to take the odd freelance writing job as well and the occasional translation or localization. Thanks to a memorable collaboration with the amazing Benny Lewis, I am one of very few people to have ever made money from knowing Esperanto.