Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

(To appear, 2019). Digital humanities and critical engagement: the case of the Scottish Corpus of Texts & Speech and Wee Windaes. In Deyrup, M. & Balkun, M. (Eds.), Transformative digital humanities: challenges and opportunities. Routledge.

(To appear, 2019). Twenty years of theological markup languages: a retro- and prospective. Theological Librarianship.

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(2017). Response: the blind leading the seeingImplicit Religion 20(4).

Invited Talks

(2019, March 11). Altmetrics for energy research. Presented at Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library.

Conference Activity

(2019, June 13). Defining digital theology: Barthian reflections on the role of open access and electronic publishing in the theological toolkit. To be presented at the Atla Annual conference, Vancouver, BC.

(2018, November 8). Applications of interlinguistics for improving interoperability and stability of metadata in linked open data environments. Presented at The future of cataloging: RDA, linked data, and more, Amigos Library Services online conference.

(2018, October 11). Implications of the deep web for academic libraries. In S. Hunt (Chair), The web is lovely, dark, and deep: a shallow dive beneath the surface. Panel conducted at the conference of the Minnesota Library Association, St. Cloud, MN.

(2017, June 28). Fiction writing as a form of pilgrimage in an invented religion. Presented at the fourth international online conference of the Pagan/Academic European Associates Network (PAEAN).

(2013, October 26). The eucharistic theology of Arthur Edward Waite as presented in the Tarot. Presented at the online conference of the American Tarot Association.

(2010, October 7). Bursting the dam: norm and exception in the career of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, 1848-1853. Presented at Normes et exceptions: norme entre obéissance, existence et résistance, conference of the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON.

(2008, April 6). Created and creator: a comparison of Arian christology with the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Presented at the third annual University of Alaska Anchorage undergraduate philosophy conference, Anchorage, AK.

Encyclopedia Entries

(2018). Druidry. Elders and priestesses. Heathenry. Neo Paganism. Radha and Gopi girls. In De-Gaia, S. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of women in world religions: faith and culture across history, Vols. 1 & 2. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

Other Publications and Presentations

(2019, April 16). Leaving library school & entering the temple of ApolloHack Library School.

(2019, March 28). Vocational awe and the awesomeness of vocationHack Library School.

(2019, March 19). Academic travel culture is not only bad for the planet, it is also bad for the diversity and equity of researchLSE Impact Blog.

(2019, February 21). Academic currency and leprechaun goldHack Library School.

(2019, February 21). LibTech leadership: An interview with ALA Leadership Institute attendee Jennifer ChanLITA Blog.

(2019, January 24). Library hand: An unexpected 21st century skillHack Library School.

(2018, November 22). Saving money with a second master’sHack Library School.

(2018, October 25). Let someone carry your excitement. Hack Library School.

(2018, September 25). How to cheat on the language skills section of your library résuméHack Library School.

(2018, June 7). Deferring library school (and getting a library job)Hack Library School.

(2017, June 8). Messengers of many gods: a response to the RSP interview with Tehri UtriainenThe Religious Studies Project.

(2017, March 28). Coeducation and the virtue gapFeminism & Religion.

(2017, March 9). Theologies that cannot be: a response to the RSP interview with Dr. Caroline BlytheThe Religious Studies Project.

(2016, October 20). What is right with pagan studies? : a response to Ethan Doyle WhiteThe Religious Studies Project.

(2016, July 16). Jesus in world religions. Guest lecture presented at Wood Lake Bible Camp, Grantsburg, WI.

(2013, February). It’s the new mother nature taking over: a re-reading of Edmund in Shakespeare’s King LearThe Montreal Review.

(2011). The Empress’ bouquet: an analysis of the floral symbolism in Atu IIIJournal of the Western Mystery Tradition 21(3).