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Essays & Articles

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Commissioned Works

Metaphysicality, Inc. (Staff Writer, 2015 – present).

The Draught of Lethe: Further Reflections on the Goetic Demon Kings.” (10 September 2017).
The Strange Afterlife of Goetic Demon Kings.” (24 July 2017).
Advice for an Unsexy, Work-Filled Beltane.” (27 April 2017).
Ostara: A Festival Without a Cause.” (19 March 2017).
The Hierophant and the Divine Passion.”  (18 March 2017).
The Cup That Brimmeth Over: Reflections on the Inclusive Chalice.” (27 January 2017).
The Athame’s Ancestors.” (13 December 2016).
What a World of Solemn Thought Their Monody Compels: Bells in Ritual.” (4 August 2016).
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Of Mormonism and Magickal Virtue.” (4 May 2016).
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The Serpent Gate: To Meta Ophion.” (20 January 2016).
Use Jungian Psychology and Tarot to Make Better New Years Resolutions.” (7 January 2016).
The History of Music, the Limits of Humanity, and the Nature of the Cosmos.” (18 December 2015).
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What is Spellwork? (And Why I’m Not Going to Answer That Question).” (12 November 2015).
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