Translation & Editing

Staff Positions

Intern for Feminism & Religion (2017).

Lead Poetry Editor for P.Q. Leer 0.1-1.3 (2011-2013).

Guest Editor for Subliminal Interiors (November 2013).

Guest Editor for KannenBright: Concordia University’s Undergraduate Journal of Theological Studies 1 (2010).

Editorial Assistant for Alaska Quarterly Review 25.1-4 (2008).

Other Projects

Editor for Talhah, Abu. The Book of Wise Tales. Second edition. MS Publishers. (2016).

Editor for Alhasan, Ayman. Dear Pastors and Priests: Messages from Peace-Loving Families in the Muslim Mainland. Self-published, 2016.

Editor for Heck, Timothy A. A Liturgy for Marriage: Looking at Marriage through the Lens of the Mass. (Seeking publisher).

Editor for Distefano, Matthew. All Set Free: How God Is Revealed in Jesus and Why That Is Really Good News. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2015.

Editor for Dougherty, T. Evolution Evolves: A Presuppositional Argument Against Naturalism. Cuyahoga Falls, OH: Sledge Press, 2014.

Editor for Alhasan, Ayman. Handshake4Peace Newsletter 1 (2014).

Esperanto Translator for Downie, David. La Sorĉistininfano [The Witch Child]. Blue Peg Publishing, 2014.

English/Esperanto Translator/Subtitler for “Benny coaches a monoglot to speak Esperanto in 6 weeks!,” YouTube video series, six parts, May-June 2014.

Esperanto Translator/Subtitler for “Mars One introduction film (updated version),” YouTube video, 3:56, 6 June 2012.

English Translator of Blass, Ernst. “Longing [Sehnsucht],” “The Summer Was… [Der Sommer war…],” “Fall [Herbst],” “Sunday Afternoon [Sontagnachmittag],” “To Gladys [An Gladys],” “Pleasure/Desire [Lust],” “The Poet [Der Dichter],” “Café [Cafe],” “Homeward [Gen Haus],” “The Evening [Der Abend],” “August Night [Augustnacht],” “The Separation [Die Trennung].” Pilvax: Writing from Central Europe 8 (2012): 30-5.

English Translator of Verlaine, Paul. “A Poem for Eugène Carrière.” The Mountain Astrologer 159 (2011): 80.

Editor for Oregon Travel Information Council. Oregon Travel Experience. (2011).