head2A decade ago, I hung out my first shingle as a freelancer. For ten years, I helped clients land book deals with academic presses, design fliers for interfaith peace initiatives, localize Austrian marketing campaigns, develop content for mobile apps, and calibrate machine learning algorithms for automatic translation. Along the way, I co-founded a literary magazine, trespassed the most sacred site in Uruguay to pay my respects to a beloved poet, and joined the very small group of people who can say they ever made money by knowing Esperanto.

Today, I serve as Scholarly Communication Coordinator for Atla, where I support the production of open access journals and monographs, aid the development of open source tools for electronic publishing, and promote collaborative digital library and institutional repository resources. It is a pleasure to bring together my experience as an editor, my professional training as a librarian, and my academic background in religious studies in the service of a good cause.

In my off-hours, my cause is linguistic equity and diversity, both through academic work focused on intersections between library services and applied linguistics and through volunteer efforts with educational and publishing programs that support minority languages. As time and the muses permit, I also indulge interests in digital typography and in my own literary writing (which, I’ll confess, is mostly in my native English).

You can learn more about my work on these pages but, if you find yourself in the Twin Cities area, do let me know. I always have time to grab a cup of coffee with a poète maudit, a samideano, or anyone else who still believes, even in our dangerous times, that a little knowledge can be the beginning of a beautiful thing.